I’ve always said that I don’t photograph anything exciting.  Ever.  Weddings, engagements, birthday parties-- you name it--I leave to the more qualified photographers out there.  But there are lots of little things I do photograph.  The ways that families work together in the space that works for them. How one of you gets up with a little one so that the other one can sleep in. The way you keep the little ones out of trouble so that the other  can get to work in the home office you share. The way it feels when you continuously look out for each other and help each other, that’s what I capture. Because it’s not the big, overt gestures that keep a family going--it’s the little acts of kindness and generosity towards each other and for each other that grow a love bound to last until all is said and done.  So if you’re washing dishes, making coffee, changing diapers, and juggling life you’ll find me there snapping happily away, capturing all those little things that matter so much.  And that I find more exciting than just about anything.  


Photography is an art, and art is subjective. I love making art out of the moments you share with the people who love you the most. But we need to connect too, and we'll know as soon as we chat if we'll be a good fit.  We are a good match if...

         You know the most beautiful thing you can wear is the smile in your eyes when you are with the people that you love.

            You are in love--sure--but more importantly you are in like with the people you want to be photographed with.

            You're a couple who knows that small gestures show big love.

            You know the areas  of your home that bring you together will be the hardest places to leave behind when you move out.

            Your family photos are the last thing you take down when you move and the first thing you put up in your new place.

            You're only half expecting me when I show up; everything isn't perfect, but that's okay, because not perfect is exactly how it should be.

            You get that long after all else has faded, the memories of the everyday are what will make up the story of who you were to the people                 who loved you most.


If this is you then let's chat.  Let's work together and photograph your loveliness and when it's all said and done I promise you that you'll look back on our session together and think, "That was such a great time; I'm so glad you dropped in and that you happened to bring your camera..."

Pick up the phone and give me a call at 207-512-6024.