Coming Home:

A Photographer’s Retreat

September 26-29th, 2019

Brigus, Newfoundland

Hosted by Merritt James and Kyla Ewert

You’ve decided you want to become a photographer. Or maybe you already are, but your images don’t have that zest that they use to. Apparently all you need to do is just “find your voice” to create your truest art. Fair enough—but what if you have no idea where to look??

The "Coming Home" workshop centers on the creative idea of coming back to your roots, and discovering how those roots influence the visual elements of your work. It's about coming back to yourself as an artist—looking at childhood, looking at patterns, looking at your layers, and interpreting it together to see how your sense of self creates a unique personal imprint on your images. It’s trying, difficult, frustrating, rewarding, emotional work—we know because we’ve been at it for years. We also know how to do this—and we’ve done all the work to figure out how you can do it too.

Newfoundland? Seems far. What will I get out of it?

Most importantly, you’ll get bread. All homemade, and lots of it. And a constantly boiling kettle as we settle in for the weekend in a lovely home perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. We’ll cover the creative aspects of photography as a starting point, and we’ll explore technical aspects like lighting and composition and how those impact your images. You’ll have a chance to put your self-learning into play as you shoot a family session, and you’ll get to see our approach for creating the images we cherish. We’ll cover the highs and lows of the business side of photography, review your portfolio, and solve all the world’s problems over late night cups of tea in the kitchen. Okay so maybe not the last one, but we’ll give it an honest and open go during a beautiful weekend together in the 400 year old fishing village of Brigus, Newfoundland.

Who is this workshop for?

Our workshop is designed for any woman from any walk of life that is at any level of “photo fluency”—regardless of whether you’ve just started picking up your camera or you were born with one strapped to your hip. Our goal is to meet you where you are and help you decide where you’re headed next (whether that’s amateur only or running a full fledged business) and what you’ll need to do to get you there. Did we mention there will be bread? And lots of food? Plus all the creative connection you need to get yourself creating the work that was meant to be shared?

We’re calling you home. Come join us—the kettle’s already on and we’re waiting for you…

(Your workshop fee covers 3 nights stay + all meals + all workshop instructional sessions + lots of bread and tea with Kyla and me. Questions? Call us at 207-512-6024)

Coming Home Workshop
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